About Jani


Jani Wedmore Pulaski is Certified, in Rolfing®, Rolf®, Movement, Kundalini Yoga, Health Coaching and Live Cell Analysis. Her approach to helping people, incorporates modalities that she feels are able to address the whole human being using Structural Body Work, Movement, Healthy Eating Choices, Kinesiology and Relationship Balance. Jani sees clients privately and teaches classes at her studio in Gunnison, CO. She also enjoys facilitating retreats nationally and internationally. Please call her for a free consultation.

How I Got Here

My journey to how I got here began at an early age. When I was a little girl I continually wanted to help the people around me feel better. I have always been interested in figuring out ways to comfort friends, family and others in my surroundings. Being raised in and continuing to live in a small town has given me a special and unique opportunity to broaden my scope of modalities.

Most clients come to me because their physical body is speaking to them. At this point in my profession and age, I am able to bring many facets to helping a person uncover their own healing potential.

A typical session will last about 1 hour and fifteen minutes. I enjoy working the structure, energy body, relationship situation, how and when one feeds themselves. When a person is willing to engage in a daily practice and is ready and committed to feeling better, improvement can happen in a very short amount of time.